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The American Dream.  

I believe in the American Dream because I have lived it.

As a young boy my father worked in the fields as a migrant worker. He then lost his job of 26 years when the Croswell Pickle Factory closed. My family knows what it's like to struggle, but my parents worked hard to provide my brother and I an opportunity.

Just one generation later, I earned a Master’s degree in Architecture, became Vice President of Design at a small architectural firm, was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, and was appointed the Chair of Appropriations, managing the budget for the entire state.

Only in America is such a story possible.

My aim is simple - to protect and defend the values that we as Americans hold dear. My parents taught us to love God, work hard, put your family first, and always remember that it is you, and your own will and determination, that determines your future. Those are the beliefs that I will bring to Washington D.C. to represent the 10th District with common sense, conservative values.

My conservative values, integrity, and hard work have been proven, and I will continue to put the needs and meaningful issues of Michigan first, ready to fight to do what’s best for our 10th District.