Right to Life of Michigan PAC

"37 Hours is how long our son Caiden was blessed with the gift of life. 

While Shane and I still grieve his loss, in the short time we had together, he taught our family something very important. 

Caiden taught us that life is not valuable because of what life can become. Rather, it is because of what life is - life created in the image of God. 

We are reminded of that every day because of Caiden and our two amazing girls. 

I have no doubt that my husband will never waver from defending the lives of the unborn as our next Congressman.

For Shane, the fight for life is not about politics. It's about honoring the God-given gift that life is.

I know Shane's heart, and I know that he will stand up for every life.


-Renee Meredith Hernandez

It is a humbling honor to be endorsed by the Right to Life of Michigan PAC. I will never stop fighting for the rights of the unborn.

"On behalf of the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee, we would like to thank you for your prolife commitment to the protection of human life, born and unborn...The years ahead will bring us new opportunities to defend the civil rights of the unborn, handicapped, and elderly frail. Your support and leadership will be absolutely essential in restoring the basic right to life to the most helpless members of our human family."