Shane in the News

WJR Radio Interview 5/29/20


I do want to be clear, I will be standing in the way of tax increases, any tax increases tied to this. This deficit was brought on by decisions made solely by the Governor.


Friends of Corn

I’m humbled and honored to receive the endorsement from the Michigan Corn Growers Friends of Corn PAC.

"Shane has a strong understanding of Michigan’s agriculture industry and a track record of making smart policy decisions that enable our industry to grow,” said Matt Frostic, president of the Michigan Corn Growers Association. “We’re proud to endorse Shane Hernandez to serve in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District and we look forward to working with him to grow our agriculture sector and strengthen Michigan’s economy.”

Let's Keep Our Republic

It isn’t the governor taking calls every day from a small business owner seeing the family legacy crushed by the shutdown order — it’s me. It isn’t the governor getting calls from a family struggling to pay their mortgage or feed their kids because they aren’t allowed to work — it’s me. All the Legislature is asking for is to give citizens a representative voice in these decisions. Read my article about keeping our identity in The Detroit News

Club for Growth

I am honored and humbled to receive an endorsement from the Club For Growth. A leading conservative advocacy group focused on lowering taxes and limited government.

Michigan Trump Republicans

I am very proud to have received an endorsement from the Michigan Trump Republicans.
"He will bring honesty, integrity and hard work to the office and represent the people of the 10th Congressional district with distinction"

Kevin McCarthy Endorsement

I was honored to receive an endorsement from one of President Trump's biggest allies in Congress, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
"Your willingness and desire to put country and community first is exactly what’s needed more within the halls of Congress"
-Kevin McCarthy

Americans for Prosperity

“Michigan cannot afford to elect anyone who doesn’t have serious grit—and experience deploying it. Shane Hernandez is a proven leader who is tough enough to stand on principle whether he’s dealing with his adversaries or his friends"